Mass Schedule

Sunday Masses are as follows

Saturday Vigil 4:30 pm.
Sunday 7:15, 8:30, 10:30 a.m. & 5:30 pm.
at Our Lady of Mercy

Saturday Vigil 5:00 pm.
Sunday 9:00 am.
at St. Brigid’s Church


  • Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00 pm
  • Saturdays 3:00-4:00pm

at the Our Lady of Mercy Worship Site.

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Daily Mass is celebrated

Monday thru Friday:

7:00 & 8:00 am. and 9:00 am.

Our Lady of Mercy
27 Lake St., Leroy, NY 14482

St. Brigid’s
18 Gibson St., Bergen, NY 14416
Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00 am.

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Thursday at
Our Lady of Mercy
8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

September through May

We have gluten free hosts available for those who may need it. Please notify either the priest or deacon before Mass begins to request a gluten free host.

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick: If you have a family member at home who is seriously sick or has been admitted to the hospital or is in danger of death, please do not hesitate to call the office so that the office staff can inform the priests. If it is an emergency situation, please call Fr. Michael’s cell phone 585-230-9610.

Marriages: Appointments must be made six months before the wedding. Couples are required to meet monthly with Fr. Michael and are also required to attend Pre-Cana Class.

Baptisms: Notify parish office to request baptisms. Parents are required to attend a pre-baptism class. Godparents must provide a letter of recommendation.

How to register with our parish:

Our Lady of Mercy

St. Brigid

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A message from Father Micheal

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Pope Francis Asks Us to Pray for Creation on September 1st


Millennials and Microaggressions: Why the Sacrament of Confession is More Necessary Than Ever

In adolescence we often believe (at least subconsciously) that all the good that has come to us is there on account of our own worthiness, while all the bad things are the result of the failings of those who reared us. The first day of spiritual adulthood truly begins when one realizes, not so much that everyone in the world is innocent, but rather that while we were spending our time assessing the faults of others, we ourselves were accruing a sizable debt.

In the past (or so it seemed), people tended to grow out of this behavior relatively quickly, after all, who would really have the time or patience for this kind of self-pitying narcissism? Today, unfortunately, this “victim culture” is somehow thriving and has much more of a market (as well as an audience).

Somewhere along the line we have taught this generation how to confess everyone else’s sins, but have forgotten the most important lesson (viz. how to confess their own). We have practically given them trophies for existing, while simultaneously teaching them to despise the ones who have given it to them. This modern day Pharisee has no problem dismissing virtues that have been embraced for the past three thousands years, while elevating to the level of unchanging dogma terms that were invented in the previous month.

Practically speaking, this has become a total nightmare for everyday communication. For who knows where and when all of these verbal landmines will be detonated. Indeed, what was once thought to be a pleasantry has inexplicably become an insult. What was once thought to be an act of chivalry is now an act of sexual aggression. And what was once thought to be a simple attempt at humor has now become grounds for firing. This is not to say that there are no examples out there of behavior that is worthy of condemnation; however, the following video should make it quite clear just how far we’ve taken this “art” of being offended by everything:



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