St. Brigid's

KRIS KINDL: We need your help!! One or two volunteers are needed to run this year’s Kris Kindl. Information and materials are ready for you. If you can help, call Donna Gerrard at 548 -7380 or Anna Marie Barclay at 494-1979. Please help continue this special program at St Brigid’s.

COAT DRIVE: Forty-eight (48) coats were joyously received by Community Action in Batavia. Your generosity made this possible. Thank you for your donations and for Share a Yarn who provided handmade scarves that made the coats even warmer.

COFFEE HOUR SIGN-UP FOR 2018 are now available at the back of the church. Please consider hosting a coffee hour. Those with questions are asked to call Marilyn Pocock at 494-1188.

HOLY NAME SOCIETY: There has been a Holy Name Society at St. Brigid’s since 1921. The month of October has been designated for Membership Enrollment, and this year we would like the privilege to submit all the men of the parish as members of the Holy Name. In the rear of the church is a sign-up sheet. Holy Name members will also be present to assist if necessary. Please sign-up as you leave church. The registration fee is $3.00. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at the church hall

Parish Council meets once a month from September to June. If you would like to communicate with Parish Council simply drop a note in the box marked Pastoral Council in the back of the Church.

Our Lady of Mercy

ST. FRANCIS CEMETERY COLLECTION: During the entire month of November we will collect donations towards the upkeep of the cemetery. Please consider making a donation by placing your gift in an envelope marked St. Francis Cemetery. Thank you.

GIVING TREE: As we begin the season of Advent and begin our preparations for Christmas, we also continue a long tradition of helping others in need. Next weekend gift tags will be available. Stop in church and pick a tag off the Giving Tree to help an individual or family have a happy and joyful Christmas.

MOTHER TERESA OUTREACH will be distributing paper products as well as home and personal cleaning products for those in the LeRoy and Bergen communi-ties. Distribution will take place on Sat-urday, November 18th from noon to 3:00pm at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center. Please feel free to share this information to those in need.

SUBMISSIONS FOR THE BULLETIN are requested and appreci-ated two weeks prior to each bulletin. Please send your submission in writing via the church collection with your envelope indicating for church bulletin or by email to parishsecretary@ourladyofmercyleroy.org.

With much appreciation from the parish office!

THE DEACON’S CLOSET: This ministry assists those who cannot afford medically required equipment to assist with in home care with items such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, canes, walkers, commodes, etc. If you have any of these items and are not using them, please consider donating them to the Deacon’s Closet at Our Lady of Mercy Parish. If you need the use of items or want to donate, please call 585-813-3588. There is no charge for the use of equipment.

WHEELCHAIR: For your convenience a wheelchair has been placed in the side entryway of the church. Feel free to use this to assist parishioners from the car into the church.

Help keep our records updated: To keep our parish data information current, we’re asking you to please notify us of any changes made within the last two years with your home address, phone numbers or email address. Either call 768-6543 or send an email to parishsecretary@ourladyofmercyleroy.org. Thank you!

Registration for Young Parishioners:

If you are a young parishioner over the age of 18 and still registered under your parent’s names, you need to register in your own name. This registration is very important if you seek a form of good standing to be a godparent or Confirmation sponsor. This registration is also important when you are getting married in the parish. Registering in your own name is easy; please call the parish office at 768-6543.